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TVD meme - six quotes
[3/6] Because we’re vampires, Elena. We need human blood to survive. We’re predators, not puppies.

    body part asks.

  • eyes: nine celebrity crushes.
  • ears: eight favorite songs.
  • nose: seven favorite scents.
  • mouth: six favorite quotes.
  • heart: five people you love in this or any other world.
  • hands: four things you've created that you're proud of.
  • stomach: three comfort foods.
  • knees: two things that make you go weak in the knees.
  • feet: one thing you want to accomplish in life.

why do famous people think that they can only date other famous people like youre limiting your chance to find your soulmate

for example: me


The Vampire Diaries + Emoji {Inspiration}


I’m just gonna


Put this here


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My dash is almost dead and so I need more active and awesome blogs to follow.

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